The Temple of the Jaguar
Photo: Ben Anderman
The Temple of the Jaguar is an experimental collage of captivating primal sounds and colourful images. Temple of the Jaguar is the title song from 4-D Tribe’s EP release. This fine arts music video opens the door to a kaleidoscopic interplay of sights and sounds merging and moving, disappearing and reappearing in a multi-layered display of light, colour, infra-red, black and white and overlapping transparencies.

The inspiration for the song came from a deep inner journey experienced by the lead singer, Maria Piazza in the Temple of the Jaguar, in Mexico. It evokes mythical images and the elements of fire, air and fertility as seen in the numerous fire dance sequences, the aerial arts of a Jaguar-like descent of a rope artist (corde lisse) and the dancing of a woman with child.

The Temple begins slowly and intimately and gradually crescendos to a dramatic expression of sound climaxing in the passion of operatic voice fused with elemental tribal rhythms. Visit 4-D Tribe and Troupe at

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