Sound Current
Sound Current combines the forces of nature, captivating gestures, imagery and lyrics, with inspirational tribal rhythms, chants and sounds. Grandfather Rock provides the symbol and backdrop for riding the Sound Current as it moves in and out, around and through all that nature places before it. The song is one of the tracks on 4-D Tribe’s EP release entitled, The Temple of the Jaguar.

In the summer of 2006 I was drawn to this unique spot on our land in the Wilno Hills, Canada and became infatuated with this boulder and its immediate surroundings. Many times I visited Grandfather Rock and many times I walked away in awe and wonder at its many convoluted crevices, indentations, naturally carved primordial face and the sight of firmly rooted trees soaring joyfully upwards amongst its varied surfaces. Here is where Sound and Nature ride the Current together in order to provide us with transformational healing and magnetic attraction.

Maria and Wanda from 4-D Tribe and Dorota and I spent hours creatively exploring Grandfather Rock with costumes, drums, video and digital cameras in hand. Sound Current is one of the videos from The Love Within Concert, an interdisciplinary work created by 4-D Tribe (Maria Piazza, Errol Francis, Wanda Underwood and Schroeder Nordholt), and Troupe (Edwin and Dorota Echavarry). Visit 4-D Tribe and Troupe at

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