Ice Shaman and the Woman In Waiting
“The Ice Shaman and the Woman in Waiting” is a mythical and mystical journey into the realm of motherhood and of a being who is summoned by The Woman to aid her through the passage of pregnancy into childbirth. Ian Tamblyn provides the haunting and at times hypnotic sound track to this 8 minute 40 second theatrical dance video. “The Ice Shaman and Woman In Waiting” come together in order to share their energies, thoughts, secrets and the ultimate mystery of life itself, a new creation. This dance video will bring you to unfamiliar yet enchantingly colourful places that are filled with the primal dance which sometimes originates between two knowing and equally enlightened beings.

The Woman played by Ruth Douthwright was already eight and a half months pregnant and did not feel up to performing the piece more than once. In fact, this was the very last time she did dance before giving birth to Lilyanna. I felt I had truly been honoured to capture a sacred moment in time when the transcendent manifests itself through colour, movement, sound and transformational imagery. I salvaged every second I could in order to unite the dramatically theatrical sights and sounds inherent within “The Ice Shaman and The Woman In Waiting”.

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