I Am
The inspiration for this 12 minute video comes from a poem written by my wife and muse, Dorota. The descent of the soul onto the planet earth and then its ascent back into the heavenly realms from whence it came was the guiding principle behind this video. The imagery for the poem comes from a diverse range of places. God’s creation takes center stage with many professional artists acting in supporting roles. They all joyously share their talents with what seems to be a touch of the divine. These include international dancers, painters, poets, videographers, musicians and sculptors.

By juxtaposing, interweaving, overlapping and blending these vibrant images into a kaleidoscopic menagerie of colour, action, and mystery I have created an artistically visionary world which parallels the poem’s poetic metaphors.

The soundtrack is a compilation of original music composed by two local musicians, Schroeder Nordholt and Errol Francis, a Juno Award winner. They have been able to capture the mood, rhythm, dynamics and colour of both the poetic and visual aspects of the video. Visit their website at www.asomamusic.com.

“I Am” is multi-dimensional, inter-disciplinary, integrative and aesthetically alluring as well as spiritually uplifting. It bridges many art disciplines and allows the creative spirit to shine through.

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