Yes, The Erroll Star Days!
In 1988 Erroll Starr won a Juno for Best R&B Single solo recording with his hit song, “Angel”. “Flashback! Yes, The Erroll Starr Days!” takes the viewer back in time to Starr’s flamboyant and colourful performance days. Included are highlights from his “Temple of Love” concert at Ontario Place as well as many personal digital stills and a candid interview with Erroll in his new recording studio located in his Earthship home in Killaloe, Ontario.

Lisa Francis phoned one day and asked me whether I would consider putting together a video to celebrate her husband Erroll’s 50th birthday which was coming up in October of 2007. She knew I had some choice images and footage. This lead to a chain of events which culminated with Schroeder Nordholt handing me a digital copy of the raw footage taken at Erroll Starr’s 1987 Toronto concert at Ontario Place.

We wish to thank Errol and Lisa Francis for the use of this footage and for the archival photos.

“A revealing blend of the old and the new."  Enjoy!
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