Mardi Gras is an annual tradition at Morning Star Centre. It occurs on the Saturday before Shrove Tuesday. The net proceeds from this event are donated to the Madawaska Valley Arts Council. For a glimpse at some of the characters from this very popular event click here. Morning Star Mardi Gras was also the very first video I ever made. This experience inspired all the other videos that followed.
Poster by Greg Zawidzki
"The Love Within" is an Interdisciplinary Production created by Maria and Rita Piazza, Errol Francis, Wanda Underwood, Schroeder and Dorota and Edwin Echavarry. The videos "Chanson Triste", and "Sound Current" were created for this performance. "The Love Within" traces the journey of a woman's early experiences with outer love. Her initial naive sense of love is gradually transformed, with the help of her alter ego, into an understanding of the divine love that resides within her. That great love brings light to the female and male balance in each of us. It's the perfect blend of operatic voice meeting, uniting, and transforming World Beat sounds and rhythms.
Poster by Maria Piazza

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