Ruth Douthwright was immersed in world dance forms, music and  storytelling at a young age under the direction of her mother, the late Anna Douthwright and the "Celebration Dance Company" in London, Ontario, Canada. Her mother was very active in the sacred dance community as a regional director, teacher and choreographer.  Ruth accompanied and assisted her mother at numerous workshops, festivals and performances in Canada and the USA.

Ruth completed her professional dance training at “Les Ateliers de Danse Moderne de Montreal” in 1997. After graduation, she worked for contemporary choreographers in Montreal.
Her keen interest in world dance and music led her to further her study with world dance groups, specifically West African, Israeli, Cuban, Brazilian and Japanese. 

She spent two years in Japan studying Noh at the Kyoto Arts Center with Sensei Takabayashi, Taiko drumming with Takatora Daiko and Butoh with Min Tanaka at The Body Weather Farm.

In 2001, Ruth was artistic director at the Canada Summer Games, for the production, ‘Living in Harmony’ which featured dance and music from around the world. 

In 2001 Ruth moved to the UK to further her research and study on dance and culture at “The Laban Centre” and co-founded the "all dance project" performing and teaching dance in diverse community settings and schools in the UK, France, Belgium and Canada. 

From 2003, Ruth focused her study on the AXIS SYLLABUS™ under Frey Faust and as a performer with Ardent Body Communications Dance Collective. She is currently living in Belgium and is working with L’Inattendue Compagnie on a new creation integrating dance and voice.  Ruth regularly choreographs and teaches dance in schools, companies and studios around the world.

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