Dorota Echavarry is a multi-disciplinary artist, poet, dancer, choreographer and actress.

She is co-founder of the Morning Star Centre for Healing and the Arts which hosts international dance and visual arts workshops in the Madawaska Valley. She also co-founded the Golden Caravan Theatre, a children's touring company that integrated storytelling, dance and mime with the circus arts of clowning, acrobatics and juggling.

Dorota has choreographed dramatic movement pieces for four fine art videos in which she collaborated with an international group of dancers, musicians and visual artists. Poetry from her self-illustrated book 'Soulspaces' provides a soundscape for the 'I Am' video production. She continues to write poetry and do dramatic public readings of her work.

Dorota was a featured artist on 'Eight Artists of the Madawaska Valley' (A McLean Hunter Cable T.V. Production), an actress in the Killaloe Production of 'Vagina Monologues' and featured dance soloist for an international Alzheimer Conference as well as the Women's Initiative Network in Pembroke, Ontario. She has collaborated with members of 4D Tribe to produce contemporary interdisciplinary theatre.

She is currently helping to co-produce a documentary entitled Planetary Dreams which features Asoma Music Productions and the educational movement and video work of Morning Star Centre for Healing and the Arts.

Dorota graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Independent Studies degree. Her primary focus was on community based education with a specialization in dance and drama. She went on to become an elementary school teacher in Ontario after which she pursued a five year training in Waldorf School Education specializing in Eurythmy. She graduated from the school of Eurythmy in Spring Valley, New York and after a year long apprenticeship in Gloucester, England. went on to become a Steiner School Teacher and Eurythmist in London, Ontario, Canada.

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