The Morning Star appearing over the horizon is gently reminding us all to awaken to the creative spirit within.  Here at the Centre the creative process is a divine gift which is lovingly nourished and supported.  Each participant is provided with many opportunities for connecting with and experiencing the healing benefits of nature and the inner artist.  Each workshop is a skillfully woven, hands-on experience designed and taught by professional creative arts and movement educators. 

The Morning Star Studio

Guest artists share a deep commitment in guiding others on the inner journey towards wholeness and health.
Lifestyle changes like the creative process require a willingness to discover and explore unknown territories.  By entering and opening up to the enchanting world of imagination and play we connect once again with that all important feeling that "anything is possible".  When this feeling is given a little time to grow and develop in our souls, profound changes can and do begin to take place in our lives.
The Centre is located in a beautiful rural Canadian setting on the fringes of Algonquin Park.  A nearby public beach and walks in the surrounding countryside, bring one into direct contact with the powerful and harmonizing forces of nature.