Edwin and Dorota have both been faced with similar healing challenges and have chosen artistic expression as a channel for guiding them back into health, wholeness and inner discovery. In the galleries, you will find their explorations into the captivating and timeless world of creativity. The inner visions they have encountered and given birth to spring from a deep desire to capture some of the precious moments of their healing journeys. The demo reels will give you a sneak preview into the passion they have for the transformative power of the arts.

Multi-Media Artist
Movement Artist

Together in the millennium year Edwin and Dorota founded the Morning Star Centre for Healing and the Arts.  Here people from all walks of life and geographical locations have gathered to participate in the exciting discovery of the inner artist through workshops and retreats based on the visual and movement arts. These all take place in a picturesque rural setting close to Algonquin Park. We invite you to come and join us in one of these life affirming experiences.