In the introduction to Dorota’s poetry book, Soulspaces, she writes, “Life often throws us the kind of curve ball that sets us on unforeseen journeys of discovery of new approaches and ways of being. Faced with a considerable healing challenge some years ago I decided to  digress from the tried and true and try out some new creative possibilities to see where they would take me. “A lot of my creative process combines inner intuitive work often expressing itself
through the arts of dance, mime, clowning, painting, poetry and music. Some of this experimentation is included in this book.”

Sea Sweeper

O sea surrenderor, silent sweeper of the sea,
O God of the underdepths, of ocean waters.
O Lord of translucent, luminous, liquid light!
O being of aqua magnificence,
Do you see me?
Do you know that I swim too?
If I were to journey into your world
Would you teach me the secrets of your tranquillity?
Would you let me ride the waves with you?
Would the vortexes and whirlpools of your spaces
Penetrate the jagged edges of my mind,
So I could flow, swirl and surrender
As you have done?


Peace, still water moonmaker,
Silver starlit ray shaker;
Peace, mellow melodied forest dancer,
Winged flight rhythm enhancer.
Peace, sunwater shimmering path to plenty
When jewels of hope in souls are empty;
Peace, mercy cries to shatter stillness
Alone in sorrow begging for fullness.
Peace, the messenger of gentle voices
Will leave the hearer with many choices;
Peace does not dictate its story,
Its plan is peace not its own glory.
Peace demands no blind obedience
To justify its life or credence;
Peace asks only for a heart to open,
This is its task, no words are spoken.

I Am 

From what cosmic depths was I born?
What galaxy, what sparkling star
Gave form to my shape, my size, my meteoric destiny?
And just before that all was void and black and nothing.
Nebulous nebulas shifted form and moved to accommodate my quest for being.
I could not be stopped in my passion, my desire for life.
For aeons I slept and waited in the womb of my universal mother.
I watched Orion rise and set;
I watched the moon; the sun, the stars, and marveled at the light.
I slept and waited for it was not my time.
I surrendered to the void.

I watched the earth.
It seemed like a place I might call home
At least for a while.
I liked its shape, its form, its azure waters, lakes and streams.
I liked the way the sun warmed its body and the air breathed through its
I liked the smell of its earth, the richness of its greenery,
And all seemed so well, there where I was not.
And so I slept and waited.
Until one day the fire in my heart could not be quenched.
I burned for love of the object of my desire,
I was consumed by the power of attraction
And I was born.
And now I am. 

I am the sun; I am the moon; I am the stars.
I am the light; I am the darkness;
I am the beginning; the end, I am the middle.
I am the journey; I am the question;
I am the laughter; the joy, I am the sorrow.
I am your mother, your father, son.
I am your daughter.
There is no part of you where I am not,
And though you may try to escape me you never will,
For I am with you forever.

I Am A Child of Wonder

I am a child of wonder, wandering wishfulness;
Of dreams and woven wild magnificence;
A child of many broken hearts,
A spirit crushed but never buried,
Though often resurrected.
I have died a thousand deaths
And dreamt a thousand dreams.
My wings which longed to soar
Were clipped so much
Their feathers line the path I walk upon.
And thus they soften the blows of rejection.
I’ve never learned to fly through walls.
They’re too well built and I’m a pilot in training.
I still have hope in angels
Whose wing span could lift me with them
And I could find freedom in the spaces
They maneuver through so well.
If I could just talk to Amelia Air Heart
Maybe she could put in a good word for me
To the universal navigators of the galaxies;
Maybe they would teach me radiant flight patterns
And I could return to earth,
Draw up a new flight plan
And soar and soar and soar forever.